Friday, February 6, 2009

Warmth From My Heart

Which of the four seasons are you in love with? Mine would be summer. (One reason is that I don’t have to wear a lot of clothes!) Surveys have shown that most people prefer either spring or summer over winter and autumn. This winter has been rough for many of us, especially those living up North. I live in the South, which is usually unbearably hot - even in the wintertime. Not so this winter! We have had to resort to using heat in our homes and vehicles; and whenever I think to complain about how cold it is here in Orlando, I am nudged by “conscience” and reminded that I really have nothing to complain about. I am not driving on icy roads; I am not without electric and heat because a snowstorm swept through my neighborhood. I am not freezing. I am not apprehensive about crashing or falling on the ice. Putting it all in perspective, dear friends, forty-five degrees is nothing for me to complain about!

So to my friends up north, I want to offer you some warmth from my heart (and I invite others to do the same). You are uncomfortable, you are cold, you are frustrated, you are anxious about driving in icy conditions, you are really not very happy, and you wish you were in Orlando! I hasten to remind you of something you already know - “This too shall pass”. You know it will warm up soon. The ice will melt, the electric will be on soon, and the best part is that when the warmth comes upon, we would have forgotten how cold it was. Let’s try to start now. Our mind is so powerful - you can use it right now to make yourself feel warm. Try it!! Concentrate on what needs to be done, dress properly, and try very hard to ignore the cold! I did say to try VERY HARD! It is not going to be easy, but with concerted effort, you will succeed. Don’t for one moment think that God is not there with you. He is right there with you, hugging you, keeping you warm. Warm your spirits, warm your hearts, love more, hug more, do good, and I guarantee you that your warmth will spill over and fill the whole room. Hope springs eternal – it will keep on overflowing if we consistently feed it with positive thoughts and actions.

By the way, Wednesday night we experienced temperatures of about twenty-nine degrees, and today we were up to sixty-two degrees, tomorrow they promise us seventy to seventy-two, and next week we should feel the heat at eighty degrees. It’s already getting warmer by the minute. Keep hope alive!!


Thanks for the kind responses by email. I'm touched that so many of you visited the site. Elton and Percival, I appreciate you for commenting! I'm encouraged!! I praise God for you always!

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