Thursday, May 16, 2013

Using Technology to Fellowship and Encourage

Please forgive me for keeping this a secret for so long! I have been so overwhelmed with doing stuff I neglect to share this great venue where you can fellowship and be encouraged each weekday morning - from the comfort of your home or work. What a blessing!! Here's the scoop: Monday through Friday as early as 4:50 am, then at 6:00 am, then at 6:15 am you will hear sisters praising God in songs, scripture, meditation, and prayer. There is also a weekly 5:20 a.m. call. The wonderful news is that you too can join in. You can either listen or if you want to bring a song, a scripture, a thought, or a prayer, you may do so - just let the Host know ahead of time and not for the 5:20 a.m. call. Morning Devotion Conference Calls - Monday through Friday 4:50AM – hosted by D’Antignac Church of Christ, Augusta, GA Moderator: Sharon Hamilton Phone No: 559-546-1301 Access Code: 936434# 6:00AM – hosted by the West End Church of Christ, Atlanta, GA Moderator: Gale Gaines Phone No: 605-781-1000 Access Code: 162823# Call back number to listen to recording is 605-781-1099 (same access code) 6:15AM – hosted by the DOLLS Ministry of the Southside Church of Christ, Orlando Florida Moderator: Yvonne Davis Phone No: 605-475-4000 Access Code: 402548# Call back number to listen to recording is 605-475-4099(same access code) Morning Devotion Conference Call - Weekly, Wednesdays at 5:20 a.m. Moderator: Bro. Howard Boulden Phone No: 805-399-1000 Access Code: 141366# These calls are powerful. When you get on, please let us know you heard it from Expressions of Hope Blogspot. Blessings and spreading hope all around!

Still Being Hopeful

Dear Readers, I know it has been almost three years since my last post. You may have given up on this blog site or you may have been with me through those three years in different areas of my life. Please know that I have remained hopeful. I have endured. I have had trials. I have spent the night in a hospital. I have laughed. I have cried. I have seen good days. I have seen bad days. I have assumed too much. I have done too little. Through it all, I have continued to praise the Lord, to hope in Him, and to trust His guidance and direction. I pray that you all have doing the same. There is nothing sweeter than trusting in God no matter what the circumstances. God's love for us never fails! Never fails! Be hopeful dear friends and God bless you and your families!