Thursday, May 16, 2013

Using Technology to Fellowship and Encourage

Please forgive me for keeping this a secret for so long! I have been so overwhelmed with doing stuff I neglect to share this great venue where you can fellowship and be encouraged each weekday morning - from the comfort of your home or work. What a blessing!! Here's the scoop: Monday through Friday as early as 4:50 am, then at 6:00 am, then at 6:15 am you will hear sisters praising God in songs, scripture, meditation, and prayer. There is also a weekly 5:20 a.m. call. The wonderful news is that you too can join in. You can either listen or if you want to bring a song, a scripture, a thought, or a prayer, you may do so - just let the Host know ahead of time and not for the 5:20 a.m. call. Morning Devotion Conference Calls - Monday through Friday 4:50AM – hosted by D’Antignac Church of Christ, Augusta, GA Moderator: Sharon Hamilton Phone No: 559-546-1301 Access Code: 936434# 6:00AM – hosted by the West End Church of Christ, Atlanta, GA Moderator: Gale Gaines Phone No: 605-781-1000 Access Code: 162823# Call back number to listen to recording is 605-781-1099 (same access code) 6:15AM – hosted by the DOLLS Ministry of the Southside Church of Christ, Orlando Florida Moderator: Yvonne Davis Phone No: 605-475-4000 Access Code: 402548# Call back number to listen to recording is 605-475-4099(same access code) Morning Devotion Conference Call - Weekly, Wednesdays at 5:20 a.m. Moderator: Bro. Howard Boulden Phone No: 805-399-1000 Access Code: 141366# These calls are powerful. When you get on, please let us know you heard it from Expressions of Hope Blogspot. Blessings and spreading hope all around!

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