Monday, February 11, 2008

Thankful We Can Express Ourselves

I am so thankful we live a society that allows us the freedom to express ourselves. I love information and I am thankful it is available at my fingertips.

The state of our Society today is casting a dark shadow on the thoughts and minds of many of us. The future is bleak, the economy is plunging to recession, bills cannot be paid, depression seem a viable option. I hope to share some expressions of hope with all my readers. I would love to have your feedback. You too can add your expressions, experiences, or exploits.

My Step-Grandfather always recounts the story of how a little girl, age 3, responded to his dejected look and conversations that the family was broke and would not be able to find the next meal. She said" Grandpa, God will provide". That thought gave him a new outlook on life and true to her words, God did provide for her family. They never went to bed without a meal and a job was soon to come. That little girl was me. I don't remember even having that conversation with my Grandfather, but I believe he was telling the truth. In all our dejected moods and even when the reality is upon you and the bills are piling high, believe that God will provide. Turn your mind to finding positive solutions. Talk with others and explore your options. Get out of your comfort zone, explore new avenues and possibilities. God will provide, but He will not rain Manna from on high. Be hopeful!