Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vacation in Heaven

Mother’s Day, May 9, 2010, was one of those rare moments. My husband and I were blessed to have both our parents with us so the focus was on them. We all worshiped together and had dinner together with the rest of my husband’s family.

Both our parents have suffered much personal lost of loved ones in the past year and traveling to the US was a recreational treat for them. I pray that it was therapeutic and relaxing for them both; and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time with them, helping them, cooking for them, taking care of them in any way I possibly could. They, in turn, were a big help to me, especially in the area of babysitting! I cherish these moments and pray that we will be able to have each other on this earth for a very long time.

The time is drawing near though when they both will be returning to that great land called Jamaica! They will be thousands of miles away from us, but we will stay connected through the memories that we have nurtured over the years and especially in the past few months they were here. We hope to see each other – most likely my family and I will travel to Jamaica during the summer holidays – in the near future.

Can you somehow see the parallel with our relationship with our Lord Jesus?

We are blessed to always have Jesus with us and our focus as a result, should be on Christ. We get together with His people and break bread together. When we suffer hurt, loss, pain, we can always run to Him for support, comfort, recreation. We will get all the therapy and relaxation we need, if we only submit to His will. I’m enjoying this!! God is so good, He takes great pleasure in providing for us, helping us, and taking care of us as only He knows how!! We, in turn, will be able to be of help to others. The icing on the cake is the knowledge that “He will never leave us nor forsake us” so we have Him for a very long, long time if we chose to stay connected. Wow!! What a steal!! It is a win-win situation if we anchor our souls in His care.

We have faith and chose to commit our lives to God because we HOPE to see Him when we leave this earth. Remember, we are but pilgrims traveling through. Live lives that reflect our hope! God is faithful in all that He promised, so if we lose out on life eternal it is only because we made the choice. If you are reading this and are not sure that you have a claim on life eternal, go to the source (The Bible) to determine your condition. If you need help, I’m here as well, call on me – 407-249-8894!! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m am not about to tell you to do anything wrong, but I must encourage us to live our lives with a plan in mind to vacation in Heaven. God will meet us in the skies and we will have no need for anything so no need to worry about what to pack and whether or not they will be charging for checked bags or extra pieces of luggage.The time will come so we might as well get prepared!

Be encouraged to live hopeful lives and happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers.

Do we think of heaven as a vacation? Take the challenge to do a word study on heaven to see how it is described in the Bible, and please share your findings if you so desire. I will be sure to share mine.

“Motherhood Saves Souls” was today’s sermon topic!! Ask for more!!