Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a Day!!

As I write, I am on the threshold of another birthday - and what a day that will be!!! If you are reading this, it is proof that I woke up on June 25, 2010. Hurrah!! Celebrate with me as you read and be encouraged.

There was a time I convinced myself that I could live without others. A deserted island was of great appeal, and for a long time I frustrated myself with that glorious haunting thought trying to figure out how to get to that island.

As I reflect on the last 30 years of my life, I am utterly speechless with gratitude for the number of persons who have contributed significantly to my life. Thank God I never ended up on that deserted island!!!

The beginning of my Christian journey placed me in the company of some great fun-loving godly people. The memories and the bonds of friendships that were cemented, surpass your utmost imagination. I am also very thankful to my co-workers who were always very kind, encouraging, and supportive. I will never forget the kindness of two of my co-workers who pooled together to buy me lunch because I was broke and waiting on the next month’s paycheck. They did it with such ease and kindness. [Sadly, one passed away early this year.]

To my wonderful English-speaking friends and co-workers in Germany, I say “Dankeschon”! {I thought we were speaking English!} My most gracious thanks!! How could I survive five years without you is beyond comprehension!! All those sightseeing tours, KFC visits, English food, weekends together, all night Christmas cake baking, and that bridal shower…. created lasting memories. You made it more rewarding and I thank you yet again!!

The Big Apple was a blast!! I never wanted to go there and I never wanted to leave! Oh the paradoxes of life!! Thank you all for your love and support at Church and at work. The lessons learned were significant and I thank you. Though we are apart, the goodness of God has never left us, and we kept the flames burning despite the distance. I thank God for you always!!

Now, I words are not readily present in my meager vocabulary to describe my gratitude for this next group of persons who have impacted my life. Your welcome reception toward us was top of the line. You sure outdid yourselves!! Our relationships over the last six years have been growing and maturing; and I thank you from the depths of my heart. It would seem that the Lord placed us in your care over these past years because they have presented for my family and I some of the most difficult challenges, and painful experiences in the loss of our loved ones. It was your love; your caring; your showering of compassion; and your friendship that helped us weather the storms. Thanks for being that tower of strength. God knows the full extent of my gratefulness, but I thank you yet again!!

I must also thank profusely the Teachers, and Moms of my children who have afforded us much quality together. It was a blessing hanging out with other Moms in a PTA meeting or on the playground, wherever. It sure beat having to talk to babies and toddlers all day long. I do appreciate the friendships that were developed and you have been a blessing to my life.

To my family (born of the same mother and father and extending), we have shed tears together, we have laughed ourselves silly; we have talked and consulted; and it is always like we have never been apart What a blessing to have you all in my life. I was blessed to meet some of my cousins and their families for the first time last year. The wonderful aspect of losing a love one is that you get to spend time with families you have not seen in many years. So it was that we enjoyed that time together! Such blessings!!

Above all, I thank my point man of 14 years who has endured much as a result of being with me. The victor he is, he stood strong, tall, and confident and lovingly tightened the band around his household. Of course he was the recipient of the greatest care a man could ever ask of a woman in this life! He has never slept on the couch!! I praise God for Him and his little trainees - our four handsome and precious gifts from our God Almighty!! I pray we do right by them and present them back to the Lord well nurtured in His word.

Through it all, as the song says, I’ve learned to trust in Jesus and I have learned to trust in God. My faith, love, and compassion, have grown, and are still maturing. I sincerely thank you for traveling this journey with me. You lightened my load and made the walk more enjoyable.

Wait up!! I am almost done!! I must change course a bit here and encourage you to pursue your dreams and fulfill your passions in life (so long as they are in keeping with God’s will). Take the time to find out what your passion in life is (if you don’t already know) and work at it; develop it; succeed at it!! You are not too young nor are you too old to start where you are right now.

In 2009, I witnessed the pride and joy on the face of my over 70 year old Sister in the Lord when her book of poetry was published. It was always a dream of hers for many years and she kept on writing poetry all her life. She just needed the encouragement, and the tangible help to see it to fruition.

Similarly, I have always wanted to get published (traditionally) but felt the urge to really follow through on all that talk I have been doing for over 30 years. And by the grace of God my book was published (Print on Demand) before my next birthday! That alone is reason for jubilation for me. Even if I buy the million copies myself and use them to decorate my boys’ rooms, I am still overjoyed that I can say with all humility, “I am now a Published Author, and I did it before my next birthday”.

Dear Readers, make it happen!! And if you need that tangible help that I may be able to give you – let it be known! Just ask!! I want to celebrate accomplishments with you so go ahead and chart your course….. What a day!!

As my Minister here would say, “God loves you, and I love you, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it!” Be hopeful!!

Happy Birthday to me!!

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Carla said...

Happy birthday deal Mel. I have always admired/enjoyed your immense talent with the pen! I have been inspired by your encouragement to follow my passion - I'll tell you about that later. Hope you enjoy your day and may God continue to be with you and family.