Monday, March 9, 2009

Righteous Will Not Be Forsaken

Over the last couple months, we have been hearing of much doom and gloom with our economic situation. For some of us, we are actually experiencing doom and gloom in our personal lives. I see the increases in prices when I go to the store (and you have to look closely as you never see a sign that says, “Price Increase” “Pay More”). In all this, I am confident that “ye which began a good work, will perfect it to the end”. Sunday’s sermon was on Psalm 37, where David spoke about being young and old and not see the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread. It was especially encouraging for me to be reminded that God has been good, and He will take care of me, my children, and my children’s children. Read the Psalm again, and I pray you will be encouraged as well.

Let us hold on to hope. Let us trust God to “be faithful in all that He promised”. “Great is His faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies we see, all that we have needed His hands have provided. Great is His Faithfulness, God unto us”. [Read Lamentations Chapter 3 and be blessed.]

I remember growing up and, especially during the summer months, there was literally nothing in the house to eat for days. We had used up all our credit at the corner store, and so was left to grace of God. We would get up, have a cup of something hot sweetened with sugar, and then prayerfully pray that someone would come through the door with some money or we would go a-hunting for food that grows on trees - and God usually provides. We were hungry, but not for long! We learnt to appreciate and to not waste what we have when we are blessed by God. And that is such a great lesson for us to learn. Appreciate and not waste!! We need to teach that to our children (and learn it ourselves for some of us) and exercise greater control in an effort to minimize waste, as we trust God to provide our needs.

As I remind us of the hope that we already possess in a God who is faithful, let us nurture that hope in all of us by offering a prayer, calling, visiting, lending a helping hand, sharing useful information on ways to save, to live stress free, and to encourage.

Be hopeful dear Readers, and share the love!!

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